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Queer Dream and Nonprofit Blues: The Impact of Nonprofitization on the LGBT Movement

J Tube
Published on 18 Nov 2018 / In Non-profits & Activism

A Public Conversation with Urvashi Vaid and Dean Spade. http://www.smith.edu/swg/
Over the last four decades, the formal, non-profit institutional structure has come to dominate social justice work in the US, replacing prior traditions of volunteer-led organizations, membership-based organizing and other more horizontal and participatory mechanisms of civic engagement. Nonprofit organizations have grown in part because of their designation by governments as sub-contractors for the delivery of a wide range of social services. This forum will explore the ways in which the nonprofit form and its attendant traditions of governance, financing, staffing, organizational performance, and goal setting have affected the aspirations, organization, mobilization and vision of US LGBT politics. Urvashi Vaid and Dean Spade will share perspectives on how nonprofitization and funder influence impact the race and gender politics of contemporary LGBT work, and what strategies are being developed by queer and trans activists both within and outside non-profit structures to build a movement centered in racial and economic justice.

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